For a long time, the phrase “feng shui stone” has become familiar to those who are interested in feng shui – especially the feng-shui stone used for jewelry. However, not everyone is familiar with this stone and understands its benefits for humans. As one of the most powerful items in changing fortune for users according to feng-shui science, feng shui stone is really an interesting and rich “treasure” waiting for you to discover.

What is Feng Shui Stone?

Feng shui stones, understood in the simplest way, are rocks capable of increasing the prosperity of the owner. However, to get the magical feng shui ability that must be precious and semi-precious stones, not any stone. The most popular feng-shui stones on the market today can be mentioned as quartz, tiger-eye stone, agate stone, jade, hazelnut, Hematite … In which, quartz stone is considered a Topped the table in feng shui.

The reason is because, thanks to the billions of years of forming time, absorbing countless quintessence of heaven and earth, quartz itself contains a source of energy so powerful that people cannot imagine. Because of this outstanding feng-shui ability, quartz stone is always preferred by feng-shui followers. Besides, the pure beauty with seductive colors of white, pink, purple, blue quartz stones in nature also makes them become a jewelry that never goes out of style.

Tiger-eye stone is also a very popular stone due to its inheritance of precious properties of quartz stone (tiger-eye stone which is a very important branch of the quartz family “family”). It also possesses an attractive beauty thanks to its iridescent colors and bright textures – especially when placed under the sun or under electric lights.

Also a stone but favorably called jade, two types of jade (nephrite) and jadeite (jadeite) are considered “beauties” of feng shui stones thanks to their enchanting iridescent green color. do you describe it? These are also very rare stones and have many unexpected benefits for the user (jadeite is even rarer than diamond!).

Benefits of Feng Shui Stone for human life

In general, all types of feng shui stones, when crafted into jewelry, bring about special uses and benefits to the wearer, such as helping to increase prosperity, prosperity, and increase success. fame, fortune poured into the house, good health, peaceful family …blank

In particular, each stone will bring its own benefits significantly more depending on the nature and color of that stone. For example, rose quartz brings a good source of energy for love and marriage, helps the wearer to be loved more, yellow quartz enhances memory, heals stomach and intestines, white quartz dispels stress. , amethyst helps to heal blood, amethyst helps clear the mind and resists magic …

How to use feng shui stone in the right way?

Although there are many good uses for the wearer, the use of feng shui stones is absolutely not arbitrary. Using the right feng shui will help you get its benefits, whereas using the wrong way can bring many bad things. The principle of using Feng Shui properly is to choose the right color for the wearer’s destiny (according to the year of birth) based on the Law of Mutuality of the Five Elements.

Accordingly, each destiny (Kim, Moc, Thuy, Hoa, Tho) has 4 color groups: Mutual, Compatible, and Countered Color. In which the best color group for the wearer is the Mutual colors, followed by Compatibility. The counterfeit color can still be used, but the counterfeited color should be absolutely not used. In short, to achieve maximum feng shui use, choose feng shui stones with colors Mutual with your destiny.


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