When you are happy for someone, you want to congratulate and share the joy with them immediately, right? If looking for an ideal gift makes you feel struggling, we can help you. Here are some Unique Congratulation pop up card ideas we’ve rounded up for you.

Daisy Vase 3D PopUp Cards

Unique Congratulation Pop Up Gifts
Daisy Vase 3D Pop Up Card
The flower is considered an indispensable thing in any congratulation celebration. That is why you can impress the receiver with this Daisy Vase pop-up gift card.

This flower card is embellished with a neutral tone of grey and a printed image of a lovely daisy vase on its cover. Once opening it, you can see a papercraft of white daisies with green leaves arranged in an outstanding brown vase.

The daisy is known as a symbolic flower of Freya – the goddess of love, beauty in Norse mythology. It stands for innocence, purity, motherhood, and new beginnings.

Besides using it as a congratulation present, you can send the Daisy Vase box pop-up cards for other occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Friendship’s Day…

Chameleon 3D PopUp Cards

Unique Congratulation Pop Up Gifts 2
Chameleon 3D Pop Up Card
The greeting card features a vivid figure of a stunning green Chameleon. He is standing on a log and catching his prey with his long tongue.

Chameleon represents adaptation, communication, illusion, individuality, maturity, and psychic Awareness… It is also the totem of many ancient tribes because they believed that this creature could help them see into other realms. To Native Americans, the Chameleon is a symbol of protection, abundance, and renewal.

This card reminds us of memories, love, and care. It is also a great congratulation card for Homewarming or when a family welcomes a new member.

Graduation Owl PopUp Cards

Unique Congratulation Pop Up Gifts 3
Graduation Owl Pop Up Card
This 3D pop-out gift card is amazing with a model of a lovely brown owl with a white beard. He is wearing big glasses, a mortarboard – a black hat in bachelor costume and keeping a graduation certificate in his hand.

The Owl was renowned as the companion of Athena – the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. This animal signifies intellect or intelligence. The owl spirit animal also symbolizes the deep connection that you share with wisdom, good judgment, and knowledge.

Since the elated owl is the main symbol of the card, it can be a perfect gift choice for those who are about to graduate. The 3d card surely the best way to say congratulations to them.

Frog 3D Popup Cards

Unique Congratulation Pop Up Gifts 4
Frog 3D Popup Card
Similar to the Chameleon 3D Pop Up Card above, this card also uses green as its main tones. The image of the Shrub frog becomes more harmonious with nature. However, it is still outstanding because of its distinctive yellow legs.

This animal is a symbol of the life cycle, healing, transformation, fertility, purity, ancient wisdom, fortune, and prosperity.

This gift card can be used as an excellent present for your friends and family on New Year or Tet holiday. It will be a great congratulation for a fresh and prospective year to come.

Lovely Couple Wedding Scene 3D PopUp Cards

Unique Congratulation Pop Up Gifts 5
Lovely Couple Wedding Scene 3D Pop Up Card
Do you want to congratulate your friends or relatives on their wedding? Then what are you waiting for not giving them this love pop up cards?

The card depicts an image of a lovable couple at their wedding ceremony. A beautiful bride and a handsome groom are standing under a beautiful rose flower arch. They look so happy because now they are officially a family. What a romantic scene to see!

There is no doubt that the Lovely Couple Wedding Scene 3D Pop Up gift Card is a heartfelt gift for any recipient.


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