The comfort, convenience and fashion of sneakers are gradually making them a favorite and indispensable item in any fashionista’s wardrobe. Where do sneakers actually come from? Where does the name sneaker come from? Why is it so popular? Do you have any questions. Find out with Myshoes.


What are sneakers?

Let’s start with the meaning of the word “Sneaker”. In English, “sneaker” is understood as a sneaky, stealthy thief. Why is such a negative word named as the common name of the world’s favorite shoes? The secret lies in the sole of the shoe. The sneakers are made with rubber soles so when you move you will hardly make a sound, other people will hardly detect your footsteps. This makes people think of sneaker – sneaky and the name sneaker therefore came into being.


You may be more familiar with the concept of sneakers than sneakers, but they are all the same. Sneakers are the common name of the types of shoes designed mainly for sportswear, but today sneakers are also known as a great fashion accessory by youthfulness, style. and its extremely comfortable. The trend of sneaker shoes being chosen more by girls also causes shoe companies to adapt their designs more or less. The proof is that when a certain shoe is released the shoe company will try for both the men’s and women’s sneaker versions of that shoe. And the reason why sneaker shoes are more and more popular with women is probably the sheer flexibility of the shoe. There is nothing to choose a pair of high heels that are not smooth when you have a pair of sneakers that are both comfortable and stylish, right?

When did sneaker history start?

Has that ever made you wonder? Would the first sneakers look any different from now? The first pages in sneaker history date back more than 200 years.


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