Hera Collection: Flexible, supple Clematis
Following the success of the CONSTELLA.ERA Collection, DHK Jewelry launches the new FLORA.ERA Collection – LA BELLA, which follows the story of Greek mythology.

FLORA.ERA includes 3 small collections called Hera, Aphrodite and Laurel; the name reminds people of the beautiful and powerful goddesses in Greek mythology. Inspired by ancient myths, DHK Jewelry wants to convey the message of beauty, love and marriage to modern women today.

FLORA.ERA’s design is bold and refined. The images that are not unfamiliar to us, through the creativity of the designer, through the meticulous hands of the artist, have reappeared them into jewels with a beauty that evokes curiosity. to anyone even a glimpse. FLORA.ERA is crafted from 14K Gold, combined with Natural Diamonds to bring out an elegant and noble beauty perfect for ladies. Using Diamonds as a highlight for this Collection, DHK Jewelry wants to convey the message of a woman’s enduring beauty, the eternal beauty of a woman, as well as the name of the diamond in Greek: Adamas – Indestructible. From concept, design to production process, FLORA.ERA affirms that DHK Jewelry is the leading brand of diamond jewelry processing in Vietnam.

Hera Collection: Flexible, supple Clematis

Hera: Goddess of Marriage and Family

Hera is the goddess of marriage, woman, family and birth. She sponsors women, gives them strength during childbirth, conceives and blesses couples with many children. It can be said that Hera is the role model of the ancient Greek women, always taking care of her husband.

People describe her as a goddess possessing ravishing beauty with shiny hair, white skin, and eyes that are steadfast in attracting all eyes. Hera is not the type of beauty “banh beo”, she is strong, personality and also extremely determined.

The Hera collection uses Clematis (climbing flowers) as the main image. Like Hera, Clematis is beautiful but unobtrusive. This voluminous climbing flower, at first glance, seems weak, but hides in itself a tough, enduring strength. The clematis of rose gold curled into a circle, on which were diamonds sparkling like tears of Hera. Listening to the story of Hera’s love for Zeus, someone would say Hera was an ancient Greek “Burmese”, but deep within her was just a weak woman who made every effort to tell her. protect your own family happiness.

Hera Collection: Flexible, supple Clematis
Hera Collection Flexible, supple Clematis

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